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Cinema Grip – A Cinema Camera from your pocket.

A Cinema Camera. From Your Pocket. For Everyone. From Your Phone.

A Cinema Camera.
From Your Pocket. For Everyone. From Your Phone.

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CINEMA GRIP – Now With Pro Features.

New SSD Pro
PD Charging and Data. Micro HDMI. USB-A 10Gbps. NVME SSD.

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Quip Design is proud to introduce our new Cinema Grip. Designed for film makers, Cinema Grip expands the iPhones capabilities like no other accessory, truly converting the phone in your pocket, into a Cinema Camera. Compatable with I-Phone 15 Pro / Pro Max + I-Phone 16 Pro / Pro Max.

Designed For


The first I-Phone camera cage designed to be removable with a phone case.

External USB


The first I-Phone camera cage with integrated USB expansion port for SSD’s and USB IO.

Optional 52mm


The first I-Phone camera cage designed for standard 52mm Lens Filters

Cinema Camera


The first removeable I-Phone camera grip designed for video recording.

Cinema Grip SSD.

1,000MB/s Read & Write

Small, Sleek and FAST, the Type-C 1TB Cinema Grip SSD has specifically been engineered to utilize Pro-Res HQ in 4k at 60FPS while being able to be offloaded easily without requiring a cable. Launching directly with CInema Grip.




NVME 3.0

Cinema Grip SSD PRO.

Professional USB IO and SSD

Specifically engineered for use in Cinema Grip, the SSD Pro not only incorporates a blazing fast NVME SSD, but also professional IO such as USB 10Gbps, Micro HDMI & PD charging, all while using incredibly low power. On schedule to launch alongside Cinema Grip.

Fully Loaded

Pro Ports

Designed For

Cinema Grip

The First. Phone Expansion port.

Cinema Grip incorporates our industry leading USB Expansion Port. Utilising the new capabilities of the I-Phone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max USB-C port allowing for industry leading expansions, such as our New Cinema Grip SSD Pro or upcoming Studio Pro Expansion card, allowing for CFexpress cards, HDMI out, USB power delivery and USB IO.

Your phone. Fully Converted.

Although your I-Phone is now a powerful cinema camera, it is still a phone. Cinema Grip has been designed to be a plug and play system, where your everyday phone can simply slide into place to convert it into a ready to shoot cinema camera.

Your Pocket

Cinema Camera

The Cinema Grip, truly converts your I-Phone 15 or 16 Pro & Pro Max, into fully functional Cinema Cameras. Not only by form, but function, enabling features reserved only for high end video cameras. Best of all the Cinema Grip is a plug and play system, enabling you to use your phone as a phone or simply slide it into Cinema Grip for a full Professional Video Camera conversion which has been crafted to fit comfortably in your pocket. Exclusive to Cinema Grip is our USB Expansion port enabling IO such as SSD’s.

External ProRes


4K Pro-Res recording is limited to the higher end Iphone 15 Pro devices because of its massive files sizes, forcing users to purchase high storage options to enable 4K 60fps Pro-Res recording internally. However with the external recording capabilities of the Cinema Grip, 4K 60fps Pro-res recording is enabled in all I-Phone 15 Pro & Pro Max models.



The Cinema Grip is fully equiped with dozens of mounting threads and accessories to fully support attaching Anamorphic filters, ND filters, Cold Shoe Mounts, Tripods, Microphones, Magic Arms, Top Handles, 15mm Rails, Hand Straps…


No Plastic. Just Metal.

The Cinema Grip is made from high quality 6061 aluminium, CNC’d with numourous 1/4″ mounting holes and precision edges. Anodised in a high quality matt black Finish.

Soft & Durable. Microfiber.

Wrapping around the Cinema Grip is an ultra soft microfiber made from high quality polyester.

Available in Multiple Colours.

Simply Cool.

Thermal Tech iPhone Case

Unique to Quip Design is our new I-Phone 15 Pro & Pro Max case designed for Cinema Grip. Incorporating Thermal Tech with up to 15w heat transfer enabling cooling system temperatures for uninterrupted recording. Made from Multi-Layer layer technology, the Thermal Tech case is incredibly durable, while maintaining a quality feel in the hand.



15W Thermal

Heat Transfer

Play With Me. Be Gentle.

View the 3D model in your browser here. Don’t be too rough. Keep scrolling on left or right of window.

Designed For I-Phone. 15 & 16 Pro & Pro Max.



LOG is a video profile, mostly found on high end cinema cameras that gives a wide dynamic and tonal range, allowing more latitude to apply colour grading. LOG requires color grading in post production, LOG retains shadow and highlight detail that would otherwise be lost in normal video. This recording profile is usually reserved for high end cinema camera’s however the inclusion of LOG into the iPhone 15 Pro & Pro Max devices, truly enables cinema grade colours previously not possible in smart phones.

Pro-Res codecs provide an unparalleled combination of multistream, real-time editing performance, impressive image quality, and reduced storage rates. Pro-Res take full advantage of multicore processing and feature fast, reduced-resolution decoding modes. The I-Phone 15 Pro and 15 Pro Max devices, are capable of recording Pro-Res 422 HQ the highest quality 10bit Pro-Res Option.

True 4:2:2

10Bit Colour

Pro-Res enables true 4:2:2 10Bit video, enabling more than 60x the colour information than previous 8bit 4:2:0 colour profiles.

Shot On I-Phone.

Cinema Grip is not affiliated with the video creators.

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Cinema Camera

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